2012-05-26 47 8

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Sat 26 May 2012 in 47,8:
47.8302435, 8.9436386

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A field between Stockach and Radolfzell, just off the NW tip of Lake Constance.



The hash is about 10 km from where Frizzy and Hijackal will spend the weekend, so a walk hash should be possible. Maybe in time for a regular Mouseover meetup...


We started at around 1pm at the juggling convention site in Radolfzell am See to be in time for meetup time. The actual plan was hiking both ways (direct distance to the hash was more than 10 km) with the best hiking shoes ever: flip flops (Frizzy had some doubts, but she also didn't question the choice of shoes, which will become important later on). Also we had no plan which way to take so it was very adventureous! After a short while we left the city and walked through a very nice and wavy landscape and had to cross some hills. At some point Frizzy's feet started to hurt and to blister, because of her wrong walking style - Hijackal's feet were fine - so we changed flip flops. That helped a bit but not much. But nevertheless we definetly wanted to reach the hash because of mouse. The last step was to cross the Autobahn (we took a bridge) and find the hash in the fields. That was not easy because we didn't want to go through the corn fields, so we decided to first go on the path between two fields and then see how far the hash would be in that corn field. But surprise surprise, it turned out that we found another path that took us directly to the direction of the hash. And another surprise was: The hash was located on the next field, where we could avoid stamping on the young trees and reach the coordinates directly a little later than 4 pm. Yay! Mouse! For our way back we wanted to use the public transport and decided to walk around 1 km in the wrong direction to reach a bus station in the next village. Unfortunatly we missed the last bus and asked a citizen how to get back to Radolfzell. Following his advice, we walked around another 3 kms to the next train station. Therefore we had to hurry a lot (not so easy with hurting feet) but we got there in time and could also buy a ticket :) Back in Radolfzell we had to buy some food but we didn't find an open shop in the city center...we had to take the car, but this is a different story. Anyway, that was a nice trip with too much sun and hurting feet on mouse over day!




Frizzy and Hijackal earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (47, 8) geohash on 2012-05-26.
Hijackal and User:Frizzy earned the Walk geohash Achievement
by reaching the (47, 8) geohash on 2012-05-26 on foot, travelling a distance of 20 km (15+5).
Frizzy and Hijackal earned the 2012 Mouse Over Day achievement
by hiking away from cool Lake Constance through dust and sun in the (47, 8) graticule on the Saturday following May 21st 2012.
2012-05-26 47 8 flipflop.JPG