2012-05-24 38 -90

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Thu 24 May 2012 in 38,-90:
38.6955044, -90.7957208

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August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area

  • N 38°41.717, W 90°47.733



The first location in the short time I've been watching it that was on public land instead of being in someone's corn field (or in someone else's bean field). And perhaps close enough to work for a quick dash over a long lunch.

Decided to drive to Lake 28 in the conservation area, it being just north of the site, and to hike in. Route D is closer but has no parking.


Drove to Lake 28. I was running late and wasn't prepared for the chigger hunt that would result from working around the lake and through the woods. So I called it close enough -- within spittin' distance.

As suggested by the lake number, there are many small fishing lakes in this conservation area. At one (number not remembered) I saw a Great Blue Heron flying low, both on the way in and on the way out. So got to see something cool even without making it within enough decimal places of the indicated location.



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by chickening out on the (38, -90) geohash on 2012-05-24 because of time and chiggers.
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