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Sat 5 May 2012 in 46,7:
46.9300117, 7.7941584

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Langnau im Emmental, Switzerland



Arches, Dave, Fredy, Kei, Nemeova, Rahel[edit]

This geohash has lead us to Langnau im Emmental, a small village in the canton of Bern ( Switzerland). We planned to meet each other at 11:30 at the train station in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. “We” in this case were five people: Arches, Swissbite, Rahel, Nemeova and our newest geohashing buddy Rolf! Knowing Rolf’s strength in getting up early from work and university, Arches and Nemeova were already concerned about whether he would make it in time. It came therefore as no real surprise when Rolf called Arches and informed him about his delay of 30 minutes. As Swissbite was slightly delayed as well, Arches and Nemeova used their time to find a reliable source of money (finding an ATM at the station in Bern is quite difficult!!!).

After everyone had arrived at the meeting point, the group discussed where it should get some food. In the end the group acted on a suggestion of Swissbite, who knew a nice Lebanese restaurant called Domino (check it out at http://www.domino-bern.ch/). The three hungry guys Arches, Swissbite and Rolf chose a three course meal while Nemeova decided to order one course only. The food was delicious and rich and during the dessert our last group member Rahel joined us. With our bellies filled we moved on to the Mobility car station to pick up the car we booked the day before. Before getting into the car the group decided to take some obligatory silly pictures.

Swissbite was the one driving while Arches helped with the navigation. Luckily we had a car charger, otherwise all our smartphone would have runned out of battery in no time! :D The drive was very nice as it lead us through a beautiful mountainous scenery. Finding the geohash location, however, was quite a challenge. We parked our car next to a meadow not far away from a farm called “Untere Altenei” which had a lovely farmhouse and a dangerous barking dog. After exploring the meadow for some time we finally realized that the geohash was located right in the middle of a group of cows! As we really wanted to reach our destination there was no other way than disturbing the animals. To our advantage the cows didn’t get too angry. Some were even approaching us and we could stroke them carefully. However, the farmer’s wife wasn’t too pleased to see us making new friends and therefore we decided to leave the geohash without a mark.

After this memorable experience we agreed that the weather was too good to go back home already. We therefore took a detour and tried to find a restaurant with a good view somewhere “in the mountains”. Randomly driving around for a while we reached the Lüderenalp (http://www.luederenalp.ch/) where we had a delicious afternoon dessert. As our car rental time limit came closer we had to go back to Bern after this short break.

Back in Bern we were all hungry again so we decided to eat something together. Rahel offered that we could cook something at her place. We therefore stopped at the Migros where we bought all kinds of things that we could throw into a wok. The meal was just delicious but the dessert very dangerous, as Nemeova managed to cut herself while dividing the Schwarzwäldertorte (Black Forest cake) into equal pieces. You would imagine that she did this with the cake knife. Far from it! Advanced people like Nemeova use the plastic wrapping :D

This geohashing trip was again lots of fun and we are already looking forward to our next trip! Hopefully we will meet some fellow geohashers next time!