2012-04-15 50 8

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Sun 15 Apr 2012 in 50,8:
50.5329038, 8.8000634

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In the woods between Lich, Steinbach and Garbenteich.



Coming from 2012-04-14 50 8, make this one a midnight hash.


This was pretty straight forward too. We drove on the "Alte Gießener Strasse" which was blocked from one side but accessible from the other (to enable access to an open air pool in the woods apparently). From there it was a 700 meter hike into the woods. Nothing out of the ordinary in the middle of the night ;)

We had some pringles, forgot to take the stupid grin but DID take a shot of the pringles and headed back home.


See here combined with 2012-04-14 50 8.



  • Land
  • Midnight
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