2012-04-14 50 8

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Sat 14 Apr 2012 in 50,8:
50.5156201, 8.7562399

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On a strip of grass between some fields right next to the Autobahn A5 near the parking area called "Limes".



The saturday and sunday hashes are very close to each other. The usual plan: visit the first around 11pm and head on to the next one to be there at midnight.


"You what? 70km?" - "Yep, one way that is." - "You guys are crazy."

QuarterCacher wanted to test drive his repaired car anyway, so what better way than to hit the Autobahn A5 at night and see how it goes? And while we're in the area, we m ight as well visit the two "hashes of the night" :D

We met at 10 pm at Mampfreds place and headed out. The roads were as empty as expected so we got to the "Limes" parking area a little earlier than expected.

The plan was to start from the parking area although we were well aware that it would probably be fenced off to prevent people from entering or leaving the Autobahn there rather than at an official exit. Despite that, every parking area has to have a possibility to access it for the fire department so we should have been able to get out by foot.

Unfortunately there were two exits that didn't quite work for us. One was a hole in the fence with a proper turnstile in it and it even faced the right way to get to the hash. But the other side was overgrown with thorny bushes and there was no was to get through. If that was ever intended as an emergency exit, somebody should probably think about that again ...

The other was aforementioned ramp for the fire department which lead us in the opposite direction of the hash and we could see from the maps that it would be a serious detour by foor. Of course it's not allowed to use those ramps by car if you're not a fire truck or a police car. But since both QuarterCacher and Mampfred still don't have the Police Geohash, we decided to take it anyway as it would shave off a considerable amount of time from finally getting to our first hash of the night.

Guess what: nobody stopped us :(

Approaching the hash from the other side was easy as pie. Parked in a little field path and had to walk a couple of hundred meters. Took stupid grin and headed on to 2012-04-15 50 8.


See here combined with 2012-04-15 50 8.



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