2012-03-31 50 10

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Sat 31 Mar 2012 in 50,10:
50.6109790, 10.7068086

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At a bus stop in Suhl, Thuringia.



Today's Manu's birthday! :-D

As Manu was the only one of the three possible participants for this expedition who didn't have a birthday achievement, we had to visit this day's hashpoint and it turned out it was the perfect one being

  • on a sidewalk
  • next to a bus stop with possibilities to sit down
  • only 20 km to drive from the place where Manu, Reinhard and Juja were spending their weekend anyway
  • in the city Suhl, where Manu was born!

After breakfast Juja walked over to the house of Manu's parents where Manu and Reinhard were waiting to start the expedition taking Reinhard's car and driving to Suhl. The hashpoint was known to all participants so it could count as a Dejà vu geohash. For example Reinhard could prove that he was cycling on this road before and probaly passing the hashpoint at a distance of 5 m. You may even believe that Manu was there before: She was born in the hospital just 1 km from there and lived more than 10 years of her life in the area of Suhl and Zella-Mehlis. The hashers brought a type plate decal and sticked it to the rear side of the bus schedule, so it could be seen from inside the bus shelter and arouse some interest for geohashing. [... maybe some additions later ...] Early enough for lunch the hashers were back home.


driving to Suhl  
view to the hashpoint  
carpark with the preceding hashview  
coordinates reached  
Juja still searching  
Reinhard, crabman, Manu, Juja and Woschi at the spot  
bus stop  
What's that at the schedule's rear side  
Look who was here!  
Proof of Manu's birthday and birth place  
Hashcard received by Danatar, front  
Hashcard received by Danatar, back  


Manu earned the Birthday Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (50, 10) geohash on her 28th birthday, 2012-03-31.
Manu, Juja and Reinhard earned the Hashcard achievement
by sending a postcard of the hashpoint area to Danatar on the (50, 10) expedition on 2012-03-31.
2012-03-31 50 10 hashcard1.jpg