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2012-03-18 29 -95

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Sun 18 Mar 2012 in 29,-95:
29.8819343, -95.1932346

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[edit] Location

On a barely-labeled rocky road in front of someone's trailer.

[edit] Participants


[edit] Plans

We decided to drive there after dropping off Montydrei's brother at the airport.

[edit] Expedition

It was a very quiet and easy journey until we left the highway. Our GPS navigation kept telling us to turn onto a Debes Road, but we couldn't find the sign for the street. After turning around several times, we finally noticed the road sign: it was on the ground, a spray-painted wooden board, lying sideways. We made our way down the rocky, grassy road with growing trepidation.

We had to use our best judgment when one of the residents stepped out of his trailer sporting a large beer belly and no shirt, looking suspiciously in our direction. At that point, we abandoned all plans to step out of the vehicle and take pictures.

[edit] Photos

No pictures, as we were frightened off by the local fauna.