2012-03-17 53 -1

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2012-03-17 53 -1.JPG

Sat 17 Mar 2012 in 53,-1:
53.9936191, -1.0928919

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On the edge of a football pitch, outside a leisure centre in Clifton Moor, York.


  • Sam
  • Mike
  • Alex
  • Nathan


A scant 3 miles from home, in an area we knew well, we figured we could jump on the bikes and just go for it, without even using the GPS.


We all met up at University at the appointed time (half 3, except Sam was late) and then came up with an idea. Why take photos of the expedition when YSTV, the local student television station which Sam and Mike are members of, recently got hold of a shiny new GoPro HD Hero camera.

So, we strapped it to Alex's helmet, leaving him looking a bit silly, and rode off, down towards Morrisons on Foss Islands and then along a series of cycle tracks all the way to Clifton Moor.

At this point we got a little lost, so we went with a bit of guesswork to get across Clifton Moor and eventually found our health club containing the football pitches. Sadly there were a bunch of small children playing football on the football pitches, so we made our way round the back to get our photo, perhaps 5 metres away from the exact point, before heading off to the shops to get a few things and recover, along with fixing Mike and Nathan's bikes.



The video of the trip should be up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.


  • Land
  • No batteries