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Sat 17 Mar 2012 in Landshut, Germany:
48.9936191, 12.0928919

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In the Biology building on Regensburg's Uni campus.

dawidi with mojibake[edit]

Satellite imagery indicated that the exact coordinates were in the west-facing outside wall of a building on the university campus. Talking to another hasher who works not far away, I learned there was some construction work going on in that department, so we didn't know for sure until we got there whether the building would be accessible at all (or even still there).

We headed for the coordinates on our bikes at noon, and it turned out the construction work was one building further to the north, so the hashpoint was unaffected. As expected, GPS reception near the building wasn't very good, but it seemed the point was inside, and the door was open, so we went up the stairs to the 2nd floor, and checked out the dark hallways on each floor. The doors along the hallways had signs on them like "Experiment in progress: do not let daylight inside and absolutely do not move the cages!", so we decided not to open them. There were posters in German and English describing some biology details that had been researched by the people working here. The top floor had locked office doors; as far as we could tell, the hashpoint would have been in one of these offices.

After taking a few more pictures, and happy no-one had questioned us for being there, we went outside again, then cycled to the central station to take a train towards a regional Geocaching event that would take place in the evening.

Inside panorama
Spherical panorama just west of the hashpoint.