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2012-03-12 62 17 - P3 - Picnic.JPG

Wed 14 Mar 2012 in 62,17:
62.2537601, 17.3619844

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In a clearing near Njurundabommen, south of Sundsvall.



Of course I need to go hashing on Pi day! So I scouted the possible points and decided on the one in my home graticule.


So I headed out towards the hashpoint, stopping by at McDonalds (unfortunately the only fast food place I knew that have pies) and then continuing down to the hashpoint. I parked at the parking lot outside the nearby church and started walking towards the point. I was a bit worried that it had ended up in the middle of the new road being built near there. I passed a bridge being built for it before turning off the road and heading into the forest. After a little walk I found the hashpoint in a small clearing next to a meadow so I set up camp there. Rolling out the, uh, "colorful tablecloth", putting up my picnic bag of burgers and taking out my eating utensils. Next I built a snowman next to the point and sat down and enjoyed my burgers and pie, sad over the fact that despite the day, I would not quite qualify for the Pie Geohash achievement. After that I explored the area and found a trap! Then I packed up and returned home.


Still no GPS.



Penthok earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (62, 17) geohash on 2012-03-14.
Penthok earned the No Batteries Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (62, 17) geohash on 2012-03-14.
Penthok earned the Picnic achievement
by eating a McFeast meal and Raspberry Pie at the (62, 17) geohash on 2012-03-14.
2012-03-12 62 17 - P3 - Picnic.JPG
Penthok earned the Snowman Geohash Achievement
by building a snowman at the (62, 17) geohash on 2012-03-14.
2012-03-12 62 17 - P4 - Snowman.JPG
Is it true that Penthok earned the Pie Geohash?
In principle, yes.
But despite being Pi day, I still failed to supply a homemade pie or anyone to share it with at (2012-03-14 62 17).
2012-03-12 62 17 - P6 - Pie.JPG