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Wed 14 Mar 2012 in 50,8:
50.2537601, 8.3619844

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Yup, there was a location :)



Mampfred couldn't go so he made LadyBB go under the condition that he'd do the report.


After a rather uneventful drive LadyBB found the hash to be inside a garage. At least at first it looked like it.

She actually found someone to let her inside the garage (Ambassador yay :) at which point the GPS decided to jump to the complete opposite side of the street and back to the garage. The usual hash dance followed but wasn't very successful. To not make it more emberassing than necessary LadyBB called it a coordinates reached since she was reasonably close and had even successfully negotiated the only possible obstacle in her way :)


See here.



  • Land
  • Ambassador?