2012-03-11 42 -72

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Sun 11 Mar 2012 in 42,-72:
42.4383395, -72.9653020

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On a lawn a couple yards from what is either a road, a driveway, or both, within Glen Cove Wildlife Sanctuary, northeast of the center of Worthington, within Worthington township. The entrance to the road/driveway is not marked with a road sign, but is marked as a road on Google Maps and OpenStreetMap. This driveway is shared by two properties, one which is situated on the part that is not mapped as a road and outside the sanctuary, and the other which is on the mapped road. The mapped road has a house, a several car garage for a business, another structure beyond that, and a lawn with a large gazebo. The point is about two yards from the drive towards the gazebo. The drive may continue on after the point where it is mapped. OpenStreetMap marks the access for Glen Cove as "yes".



Todd and Phoebe planned (without posting here) to meet wherever Todd finished biking -- at a location to-be-determined by his legs -- and drive the remaining distance to the geohash.


Todd biked from Florence up to Chesterfield, at which point his legs ceased to function toward their end of supplying power to bicycle peddles. Phoebe drove from Plainfield and picked Todd up, and they both drove to the geohash.

The Bicycle Ride[edit]

Todd had not ridden a bike since sometime last fall. Knowing that it was very improbable to ride through the hills to get to the geohash 20 miles away, he started out anyway with the intention of riding as far as he could.

He started at about an altitude of 200 feet in Florence, MA, and ended up in the center of Chesterfield at 1400 feet above sea level. This 1200 foot rise was augmented by an intervening rise up to 1400 feet sea level at Boffat Hill, and back down to 1120 feet at Dead Branch brook before the final climb to Chesterfield. This meant a total of 1480 feet vertical cycling -- over a quarter mile vertical and 12 miles horizontal. After turning left from Stage Rd onto 143 and before the final hill to Chesterfield, Todd was almost unable to peddle the intervening virtually flat pavement.



Todd will soon supply pictures.


  • Land geohash
  • Speed racer?