2012-03-10 54 -2

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Sat 10 Mar 2012 in 54,-2:
54.2001308, -2.3999547

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A little wooded area somewhere North of Chapel-le-Dale


  • Angel is planning to make this one, dragging along
  • a couple of friends in the hope of getting them interested.
  • Panda


Angel and Panda already said we were going to aim for this meetup. But as it turns out to be quite far from a station or bus route (unless we go all the way around via Leeds), we're roping in our friend Dan, who has a car. We're planning to drive up to Ingleton (or maybe the nearer Chapel-le-Dale) and then walk from there up Philpin Lane, and see if the area of the hash is private land or is fenced off (I can't tell from the map). If we can't actually get there, we'll take a picture from the road, around 200m away.

Then we're going to head back to the Old Hill Inn for a drink or two :)


Dan didn't show. Checked the train times to Clapham, but by then it would have been too late to get there and back before the last train home :(