2012-03-05 42 -72

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Mon 5 Mar 2012 in 42,-72:
42.4947467, -72.8889207

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Right smack dab on the shoulder of a road in Plainfield, MA, USA. The point is on Gloyd Street between South Street and Pleasant Street. The odds of a point falling on a street in this graticule (especially near Plainfield) are very low.


Five people, one dog. One person went back again later. Todd was a Puppet Master for the rest, but the award is pending proof.






If proven, this would achieve Puppet Master, Walk, Frozen, Drag-along, Easy, and Déjà vu. If not proven, this earns a Radio Yerevan achievement six times, which is almost cool enough to make it fail achieve a Radio Yerevan achievement, which would cause it to win a single Radio Yerevan achievement. But it isn't quite that cool.