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Sun 15 Jan 2012 in Nürnberg, Germany:
49.4493384, 11.9166824

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In a forest east of Amberg.

mojibake and dawidi[edit]

... went there around 19:15 following an afternoon with friends in Amberg. The track leading the last 500 meters or so into the dark forest from the nearest village was covered with mud that had been sculpted into a washboard pattern by tractor tyres before freezing - a rather interesting surface to cycle on. Frozen puddles that noisily broke into pieces upon contact further enhanced the experience.

The hashpoint itself was a quick find, only about 15 meters from the nearest track, just your basic average thorny forest hash. They snapped a few pictures, but couldn't stay to enjoy the place for long. A couple of minutes later, they were on their way back to Amberg to catch their train home - and arrived at the station just in time.