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Fri 30 Dec 2011 in 53,10:
53.5241562, 10.2115693

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In a forest between Hamburg and Glinde.


Bierhefe and wife.


This one is within walking distance from our home. Depending on when my wife can leave work tomorrow we will be there at around 6PM. If it's getting too late for her I will have to venture there alone.

Depending on how dense the forest is (or if there are fences, etc.) the hash point might be inaccessible. Also this is a great opportunity to try and get the Tron Achievement.


My wife was tired when she got home, but after a lot of convincing she finally agreed to come with me. We set out at around 17:50 and walked to the hash point. Our efforts to fulfill the requirements for a Tron Achievement where rendered void however, since the paths that we saw on google maps didn't seem to exist, so we had to turn around and backtrack to a cross-way we passed a few minutes ago.

While we where looking for a way to enter the forest we found a riding trail, which was narrow and muddy, but still a lot better to walk on compared to fighting our way through (not so thick) bushes.

When we where really close to the hash point I kind of lost orientation for a while, reading the map on my GPS wrong, which resulted in a very short detour into the forest, when all we had to do was to jump over a small stream. Now we crossed the stream serveral times and I got a wet foot on my next to last jump!

But at least we made it to the hash point and returned home after that, again walking. So, while we didn't fulfill the requirements for a Tron achievement, we still earned a ribbon for a Walk geohash.

Alas, we didn't take too much pictures as it was already dark outside. But the tracklog should be proof enough that we didn't take any other means of transportation.


Tracklog available on Everytrail. Average speed of 3.7 kmh (2.3 mph) should be proof enough that we walked the whole way. If we could go that slow on a bicycle... well, that would be an achievement, right? :D



Bierhefe and his wife earned the Walk geohash Achievement
by reaching the (53, 10) geohash on 2011-12-30 on foot, travelling a distance of 4.98 km.

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