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Mon 26 Dec 2011 in 50,8:
50.1672743, 8.5208332

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Conveniently on the way to Mampfred's parents in a field near Königstein.


Slept in the car:


Take a little detour on the way to Mampfred's parents.


Fairly straight forward. The hash appeared to be right next to or in a posh horse paddock, so we parked the car in front of it and started to get EmmJay in the baby carrier ... only EmmJay was still asleep in the back of the car, probably the first time ever as he's usually awake before the car even gets to a full stop. A little surprised we decided to leave him there sleeping - after all the expedition shouldn't take long.

We went around the paddock only to realize a little too late that the hash is on the exact opposite side of it. We then went all the way around it (too late to turn back) to end up in front of a little stream we had to cross (no photos unfortunately). When walking back on the other side we then suddenly discovered that we ended up _inside_ the paddock which apparently uses the stream instead of a fence on that side.

Considering we were already in the paddock and there weren't any people or horses anywhere in sight, we ignored the rest of the fences on our way and got to the hash and back to the car without any further problems.


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