2011-12-19 -36 174

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Mon 19 Dec 2011 in -36,174:
-36.8138359, 174.4271281

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In or near a Pine plantation at Muriwai Beach, Auckland



Drive (just a little bit too far to run) Explore, find, conquer! (A fight with black-berry is expected, but I will be prepared!)


Past experience has resulted in a little hesitation when confronted with a seemingly easily attainable hash in one of NZ's forests. Looming beneath the forest canopy will be some form of inhospitable vegetation - in this case it was cutty grass! I was reasonably prepared with gaiters and knee long shorts to protect my legs, but I forgot my hands, arms and neck which were exposed to the razor sharp edges.

Despite the vegetation, the highlight of this hash, apart from the amazing view of Muriwai Beach, was the abundance of orphaned golf balls. I was retrieving these things from quite deep in the stand of trees so there is clearly some very wayward golf occurring across the road. I believe the sheer quantity of golf balls retrieved should entitle me to the golf award =)

The hash itself landed on a makeshift ramp or jump, in a felled piece of forest that is used for horse riding. A very nice spot with a very nice view, and only 300 m from the road.