2011-10-11 -36 174

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Tue 11 Oct 2011 in -36,174:
-36.8781837, 174.8517505

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Road-side near a pedestrian crossing, Glenn Innes, Auckland



I have emailed the photo below to my long time university buddy, along with detailed instructions and of course the standard 'There's probably something you don't know about me but I do this......' caveat.

He works at the University of Auckland, Tamaki Campus, just 300 m away (now if I still worked there, guess what I would be up for!). So I am awaiting his response which will probably contain a few more questions like... why?


Nothing much was said, but the photos arrived in my inbox not long after! Thanks Neo!

I never even knew that alley way existed, its a short cut to the Glen Innes train station. The train - part of Auckland's extraordinary train network consisting of uh, two routes - will take you either to Auckland Central or out to South Auckland.



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