2011-10-07 53 -1

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Fri 7 Oct 2011 in 53,-1:
53.5136102, -1.7127515

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Not far from the A628/A616 junction above Langsett. In a field.


Monty did not actually attend, this time, though he thought he might at first.


At the end of work, drive up there. Assess the field, possibly glance at the spot longingly.


Did not really start out. Leaving work far too late, immediately realised that he did not have the camera needed to even prove the close failure that was probable, so turned round and went home instead. As it turns out, the camera was in the car after all.


No tracklog, no GPS. And, besides, no expedition.


There's an image from 2011-08-12 53 -1 that would be close but, otherwise, none taken.


Failure-type achievements, probably. TBA.