2011-10-05 -36 174

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Wed 5 Oct 2011 in -36,174:
-36.7410557, 174.4191971

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Forestry Block, Woodhill, West Auckland, New Zealand



These forestry hashes are notorious for their restricted access points, and probably prickly bushes underneath. I will give it a try anyway, drive there, park up, and probably walk/run some distance on foot. The hash is just off a forestry road.


Restal Rd is the main access way into this area, and it turns out, it is a well utilised area of Woodhill forest with MTB park and Tree Adventures confidence course set up, hence, the public actually has ready access to this piece of forest. I didn't know this at the time but basically followed the pre-planned route as far as I could and found this quite offensive signage towards runners (I was planning to run a bit in the forest too.) And of course, fate would have it, the hash point was beyond the signage, literally only about 100 m, and just off the road.

Ha, I thought, now is my chance for the Admit One Achievement, so planned to hire a bike and have a bit of a go.....only to find I didn't bring my wallet - I left it with Li'll Homie at home. Disappointment by the bucket-load!! By this stage, having made my way back to the MTB HQ, I explained the whole 'this is random but....' scenario to this Rasta guy with dreads at the counter. He said, 'wooooo thats so coooool man, and sooooo random!' And then said, 'just go ahead ...' so I did...and I got the hash!



Greenslime earned the Ambassador achievement
by obtaining permission from rasta guy at counter to access the (-36, 174) geohash on 2011-10-05.
2011-10-05 -36 174 - No Go Signage.jpg