2011-10-02 36 -121

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Sun 2 Oct 2011 in 36,-121:
36.8560839, -121.6337055

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Red Barn Flea Market Parking lot, Near San Juan Batista



I'm intending to drive my RV to the Monterey Vacation RV Park just up the road from there tonight. Tomorrow I'll go down to the hash, walking, and thereby pick up Double Radio Yerevan on Deja Vu - cause I was invited to an RV meetup for the American Clipper Owners Club at the Red Barn Flea Market, but skated on it, and, this morning on better iggynet connex, I see the hash point's actually across the highway behind a house. Anniepoo 12:18, 1 October 2011 (EDT)


Got all excited - everything packed - ready to go! Happily take off south down 101.

Left front tire totally shreds itself just short of Rengstorff Ave. Call Tom, he says he'll be right over. An hour later he calls, assures me he's back at his house, 40 min away, and will be right over... an hour later he shows up.

It's getting dark by then. Darn it... tire spyder's wrong size. Off to hardware store to get a socket and breaker bar. Back and fix the tire.

The spare's pretty low, Tom cautions me to take it straight to a gas station and fill it. I get to gas station, discover the !(@*#$ valve stem's been covered by the decorative wheel cover (which is held on by the lug nuts). I camp overnight in the wal mart parking lot, and have them correct the wheel this morning.




Anniepoo earned the Train wreck consolation prize
by failing to reach the (36, -121) geohash on 2011-10-02 due to Exploding tire.