2011-09-11 45 -122

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Sun 11 Sep 2011 in 45,-122:
45.3321399, -122.9189641

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Driveway of a vinyard near McMinnville

Today's battleship location is: A 4



Lyx and Relet are vising the Rose city!

We're going Geohashing.

Hopefully getting a meal together as well.


Lyx and Relet had been hanging out with APR, so the two groups meet up for lunch. APR and Jim had accidentally chosen different Thai places in downtown Hillsboro. Luckily one place was closed, and so we converged on the same place.

From there, we switched to APR's car and headed south. APR's GPS was happy to send us in a slightly odd route, but we followed it. When we got close, we found a closed gate and no access.

However, we started asking around to see if we could get access. The neighbor was very helpful and directed us up the hill, where we didn't find the manager, nor did the cell phone we were given answer. So we headed back, but figured we'd stop at the winery itself to see if anyone was around. No joy.

So, we headed homeward, stopping to visit a near by winery before heading off in various directions.


Apr is not actually unhappy about the coordinates that are not reached 
We tried to call the owner 


  • No Trespassing
  • Meetup?