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2011-09-01 52 10

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Thu 1 Sep 2011 in 52,10:
52.4627437, 10.0590678

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[edit] Location

Burgdorf near Hannover, a freshly sown field.

[edit] Participants

Ekorren borrowed a bike and went there.

[edit] Expedition

I only had time until noon that day, but the coordinates were not too far from a station, so I decided to get up early and race to the hash. The hash turned out to be located in a freshly sown field where the new crop just had started to develop, so I decided not to disturb it. The closest I could get without going into the field was about 35 m.

[edit] Gallery

Since I was in hurry, and there wasn't really anything to see anyway, this is all I have for photos.