2011-08-31 52 9

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Wed 31 Aug 2011 in 52,9:
52.5882764, 9.9493557

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Probably Hambühren, maybe Burgwedel. The municipality border is almost at the hash, and the maps don't show it exact enough. In a forest.


Ekorren borrowed a bike and went there.


The bike I had borrowed clearly was not of the "fast" type, neither very comfortable, and both was not only because it had only a three-speed gear. However, it was sturdy and for this task it was good enough.

In the surroundings of Hannover, transport including a bike is reasonably cheap if you stay in the GVH area - which is rather small. It gets quite expensive as soon as you cross these limits. So I tried to find a hash during the time I was there which was reachable from a station within of the GVH, and this one appeared to be, from either Großburgwedel or Ehlershausen.

So I went by train to Großburgwedel, and made my way into the wideness of northern german flatlands, crossing a few villages and endless nothingness. When I got closer to the hash, I found that all maps, including OSM, had seriously fooled me and what was shown as gravel forest tracks, actually were more like overgrown logging aisles. After several failed attempts to find a better way, I took one of those in the end. And was surprised to find a good way close to the hash. Obviously, it was a dead end road, coming from the opposite direction.

However, the hash was reached. To avoid boredom I took another way back and went to Ehlershausen this time. As the bird flies, that station should be closer than Großburgwedel - using actual ways, it wasn't. Through a village with the name Großmoor (large moore) which appeared to live up to its name quite well, I finally reached the station. Since it was rather early in the afternoon, I decided to add another small expedition to try the Origin geohash. The tale continues at 1972-08-15 52 9.