2011-08-21 57 -2

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Sun 21 Aug 2011 in 57,-2:
57.0653852, -2.4279147

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The hash was on the edge of a field and a what turned out to be a trail through a wood, though mostly in the field.



Pah! Who needs plans?

I jumped on my bike and went on a bearing.


Still high after my hash the previous day I loved the idea of doing two in a row. It wasn't until 3pm that a space appeared to try the hash, but I thought "fuck it, let's go". The hash was just off one of the roads leading out of the city and I had a pretty good idea of where it was. So I jumped on my bike and set off at full tilt.

The hash was in a field next to Crathes Castle: it sits on a small estate and the hash was within the grounds. Because the place is a tourist attraction it wouldn't be too much of an issue getting to the mark.

The cycle there and back were uneventful, other that the classic cars and trucks on the road (there must be a show on). I made the turn off up to castle and managed to get parallel with the hash, while staying on the road.

It was from here that everything started to go down hill. The hash was obviously in a field near a wood, but from where I was the wood was in my way. Google maps hybrid map showed some sort of track or clearing cutting through the wood so I came to what my phone indicated was the beginning of the track, but it really was not an obvious path. I thought "hell" and followed this track all the way into a marsh.

"Hmmmm, this wasn't right" I headed back to the road and cycled further towards the castle looking for a path. At the edge of the wood I found another track: "bingo this must be it".

Putting my bike on my shoulder (good thinking not to leave, you might go home a different way) I headed down this very rough track on track to make the hash. After 500m I hit a deer fence; I couldn't really go over with my bike and it didn't really make sense considering the direction of the hash. I skirted the edge of the deer fence, around a corner until the way wad barred by a number of fallen trees: lots and lots of fallen trees. Too many trees to be a sensible route (But I tried anyway.)

I headed in a different direction. Fighting through a small river, more trees, nettles and large bushes, I finally burst onto a track and almost in to an old couple. Seems no one thought to tell me there were gentle forest trails on the estate.

Now on this awesome easy to navigate trail I made the hash really quickly.

From the hash the journey home was quite simple, I followed the trail that twisted and turned back to the road, then sprinted home.


No GPS, I really need to buy some batteries,but I always remember as I leave.


I have them, just need to get them off my phone.


Jones earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (57, -2) geohash on 2011-08-21.
Jones earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 48km to the (57, -2) geohash on 2011-08-21.