2011-08-20 57 -2

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Sat 20 Aug 2011 in 57,-2:
57.4892674, -2.7423110

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In the middle of a hedge next to someone's farm house. Though thankfully right next to the side of the road.




1. Cycle to station

2. Take train to Huntly

3. Cycle, walk run to hash

4. Return to Huntly station

5. ....

6. Win at Scottish geohashing.


Finally on the third day of trying, the universe aligned and jones was able to attempt the his first geohash in two years.

The plan was followed into Huntly, though the 'road' towards the track turned out to be a farmers track. It then continued into a forestry reserve, the joys of cycling uphill on a touring bike on rough ground. Jones quickly discovered that google maps displays both small forestry tracks and small B roads as the same diameter. Leading out of the forest onto a tarmaced road and back up to the full speed of my '83 racing bike.

Once on this road the hash was only a ten minute cycle until the group of buildings that showed the area the hash fell into was hit. The hash was really easy to get to, slightly off the road towards a house in the middle of a big thick hedge. a quick set of photos were taken and a screen shot of jones's custom bike clock was taken for proof.

If only there were some other active geohashers in the area for a Saturday meet up, instead the point was hit early in the day.