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2011-08-17 1 103

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Wed 17 Aug 2011 in Singapore:
1.3012323, 103.8123729

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[edit] Location

Somewhere in Tanglin Camp, along Loewen Road.

[edit] Participants


[edit] Expedition

I set out from school at around 12.50pm, walking to the bus stop along Thomson Road to catch the bus service 132. After a half-hour bus ride, I alighted at Tanglin Road and walked into Ridley Park, walking for about ten minutes before I finally reached Loewen Road. And there were two Loewen Roads, one moving on straight from Ridley Park and the other branching off a little way uphill. The one I needed to follow was the one going uphill, but when I got there the road...well, wasn't really there anymore. Most of it was fenced off, and whatever little there was left that I could see had been covered with overgrown grass. I walked a little way around the perimeter with Geohash Droid on, hopefully looking for a clear way in, but no such luck. My mum told me Tanglin Camp had been converted into an F&B hangout so I was hoping it would be much more open, but I guess not the part where the geohash was located, unfortunately.

Later on I looked at the map again, there was another opening to this Loewen Road on the other side of the camp, but I have no idea whether it would have been an open route or similarly fenced. No point thinking about it, now!

[edit] Photos