2011-07-20 53 -1

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20110720 53 -1 PrimePoint.JPG

Wed 20 Jul 2011 in 53,-1:
53.4747509, -1.4949577

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At the house of someone Monty knows, High Green, Sheffield. To be as precise as the overhead photos can indicate, on or in the back wall of an extension-like part of the house.


Monty went, dragging-along a colleague. The home-owners technically attended, but weren't pressed to make it official.


At some time between 12:30pm and 1:00pm, Monty (and possibly a colleague) will take the short walk (or far too short drive, if there's some other reason to take the car) up to the geohashing house and, as already arranged with the owner, do what we can to record the attempt.


I don't normally go out for dinner, so the fact that I was going to wander off was a surprise to some colleagues. The fact that one of the guys wanted to get a sandwich seemed good enough reason for him to suffer roughly a mile's round-trip walk, but I don't know whether he's decided it was worth it. :)

Getting there and coming back by foot (not really a Walk Achievement for myself, because I'd driven to work itself, and would be driving back home) wasn't really much of a feat of endurance.

The resident of the property, pre-warned, was waiting for us as we arrived, and let us through into his back garden while opening the door opening from the living room involved. My colleague tried to work out how to get the "You are here" map on his smart-phone to give up actual coordinates, but hadn't really used the device for that and gave up, so we can still safely consider this to be a No Batteries expedition, backed up by the usual NB-style photos. (I may go back to get better external shots, later on, though, I was rushing due to Low Batteries in the camera, having forgotten to check beforehand.) With a sunken garden area and railings around the actual rear of the house, photos were a bit difficult to frame.

And... well, that's about it. My thanks to Tony and his wife, for letting us in, if you're reading this. I really don't want to say much more, so as to respect your privacy. And, besides, there's not much more to tell. A sandwich shop was visited on the way back, for the hungry colleague, and now I'm back at work, and nose will shortly be lowered slowly back to the grindstone, or certainly near enough that an impression of work is conveyed. :) (Seriously, so many people in the place at the moment that we're all under each other's feet.)


Monty will not be able to provide one. The colleague might.


TBA. (Header photo uploaded, others still to compile properly.)


To be illustrated when the pictures go up, but: Land Geohash for Monty plus colleague. No Batteries for Monty, and honourary for colleague who couldn't get his phone to reveal the coordinates. Drag-along for Monty. Ambassadorial achievement was achieved ahead of time. Deja Vu cannot be technically proven. Walk? No, because I drove to work from home.