2011-07-03 -38 144

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Sun 3 Jul 2011 in -38,144:
-38.1440572, 144.5689717

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300 metres into the sea at Clifton Springs

Who went[edit]



Again, a small detour from the return leg of my weekend away. Had the wettie with me so couldn't pass up the opportunity for some more swimming!

Unfortunately I didn't have enough confidence in my dry sack to take my camera as well with me, but not that it mattered as it also turns out it is a challenging feat to open up a backpack, a dry sack, and then use the GPS and/or a camera without getting them wet. And not being cheap pieces of equipment, I decided against it. This also means that I may have only been within 20m of the geohash, so I would call this a semi-successful attempt. Once I learn how to use the GPS a little more, I will see if I can view the route and check how close I got.

Got a weird stare from someone as I was about to descend into the cliffs carrying a wetsuit and a backpack, met a father and daughter with their dog near the beach who didn't think much of what was going on and got a compliment for being in the water on the way back to the car, apparently swimming at the beach isn't a common winter activity! Much more interaction than the two previous geohash missions!