Geelong, Australia

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This graticule is located at -38,144. Today's location

This graticule encompasses a lot of Port Philip Bay and Ballerine Peninsula, with a small section of Mornington Peninsula. Geelong is the main city within it in the north of the graticule, which is connected by a major rail line to Melbourne. It is for this reason that it is somewhat surprising at how inactive this graticule has been so far.


Arrow2.png Jan 2017-01-10 -38 144 - Benjamin Kaiser, Joelle and Mikaylah in a paddock near Torquay
Arrow2.png Jan 2017-01-06 -38 144 - Benjamin Kaiser and Joelle Willder in a paddock near Queenscliffe
Arrow2.png Sept 2016-09-25 -38 144 - Benjamin Kaiser and Joelle Willder in a field new Armstrong Creek
Arrow2.png Sept 2016-09-15 -38 144 - Benjamin Kaiser, Joshua Kaiser and Samuel Kaiser in a field near Stonehaven
Arrow2.png Oct 2015-11-10 -38 144 - Benjamin Kaiser and Samuel Kaiser make it to a small field near Lovely Banks
Arrow2.png Oct 2015-10-26 -38 144 - Benjamin Kaiser and Joelle Willder make it to a farm near Deans Marsh
Arrow2.png Sep 2015-09-29 -38 144 - Benjamin Kaiser and Jack Kaiser make it to a farm near Inverleigh
Arrow2.png Aug 2015-08-08 -38 144 - Benjamin Kaiser and Chelsea make it to a farm near Barrabool
Arrow2.png Jan 2013-01-11 -38 144 - Lachie and EdBordin5th consecutive success!
Arrow2.png Sep 2012-09-09 -38 144 - Talex Golf course success!
Arrow2.png Dec 2011-12-21 -38 144 - Stevage Bicycle hash success!
Arrow2.png Jul 2011-07-03 -38 144 - Taner Swimming success!
Arrow2.png Aug 2010-08-01 -38 144 - Stevage Deja Vu Aquatic Geohash
Arrow2.png Aug 2009-08-30 -38 144 - Felix Dance Virgin success!


Felix Dance earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (-38, 144) graticule, here, on 2009-08-30.