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2011-05-31 49 12

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Tue 31 May 2011 in Regensburg, Germany:
49.0234352, 12.1388206

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About 12m into the Donau river near Schwabelweis, a part of Regensburg.

[edit] dawidi, Tomcat and Hans

... drove to Weichs (near dawidi's office) and got their inflatable kayaks into the river, suspiciously eyeing dark clouds in the west. After paddling 1.6km downstream they were passed by a fast motorboat and a slow, huge cargo vessel while drifting over the hashpoint and taking pictures. Further downstream, they had a close-up look at the hull of some other large parked ships, then passed industrial areas and Regensburg's wastewater processing plant. Taking a shortcut through a slower-flowing sidearm of the river, they made it to a small pier at Donaustauf (about 9 km total distance paddled) and managed to deflate and stow their boats, and walk into a restaurant before the thunderstorm caught up to them.

After dinner, they made their way to the bus station in the pouring rain, rode the bus back to Weichs and got back in the car.

Tomcat, Hans and dawidi earned the Water geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 12) geohash on 2011-05-31 by two inflatable kayaks.
2011-05-31 49 12 coordinates reached.jpg