2011-05-21 49 -123

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[edit] Location

See 2011-05-21 49 -122, which is in the Surrey graticule.

[edit] Participants

  • No one, we all went boating in the Pitt River instead.

[edit] Planning

It's never too early to plan the best Geohashing Day ever.

Things to remember:

  • when you make the cake, leave enough time to decorate it without burning yourself on the icing
  • bushwhacking in the dark doesn't work well
  • it gets dark around nine o' clock
  • don't plan an after work 10 km hiking hash and then a 7:30 am meetup the next day
  • bring a bigger flag
  • test your boat before departure
  • SCUBA gear would be awesome
  • ditto for arrival by parachute
  • ferries are busy on long weekends
  • get there early, before the end of the world! It's RaptorRapture day at 22:00 UCT!