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  • lyx is leaving from Mitte now, ETA 17:20 local time. Will stay a bit longer, too. Hope to meet Amuzulo and you there!

Tue 10 May 2011 in 52,13:
52.4957903, 13.3347794

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Since the hash lay right next to the Subway station that I frequent every day, I decided to take the opportunity and visit the hash on my way back home. While I was struggling to obtain a GPS fix I noticed someone else who was constantly checking his phone and headed in the same general direction as me - a fellow hasher? It indeed turned out to be Amuzulo, who was meeting lyx, who was waiting at the hash already. We introduced each other and took some pictures (unfortunately my battery died after taking two, but there should be more), marked the hash's rough position with chalk (it seemed like none of us was able to obtain a proper GPS position, but judging from the maps and our collective orientation, it sure was close enough) and eventually decided to drink a bottle of cool and tasty wine at a nearby wine café.




Amuzulo and lyx earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting Benpicco at the (52, 13) geohash on 2011-05-10.
Benpicco earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting Amuzulo and lyx at the (52, 13) geohash on 2011-05-10.