2011-05-08 53 -1

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Sun 8 May 2011 in 53,-1:
53.3313774, -1.8228147

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[edit] Location

?Slitherstone Hill? Not far from the 2011-02-24_53_-1 point.

[edit] Participants

Monty turned up and decided not to disturb the livestock in the field.

[edit] Plans

Drive to the same point as used in the 2011-02-24_53_-1 point. Walk along the Bridleway between the hill (possibly Slitherstone) and Eldon Hill Quarry on the other side. Kinks in the pathway identify a striking off point, if there's easy (non-damaging) access to the field itself, and from there further ground features should be usable to identify the precise point.

[edit] Expedition

(Failure, within sight of the point, by dint of the field containing cattle and sheep which Monty did not want to disturb. Full report later, along with all the rest of the backlog.)

[edit] Tracklog

Doubtful, unless GPS obtained/provided first.

[edit] Photos


[edit] Achievements


  • EXPECTED* when there is a man-made obstacle between you and the target