2011-05-07 53 -1

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Sat 7 May 2011 in 53,-1:
53.4425543, -1.6903141

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Round Hill, High Peak, off "Dukes Road" moorland path between The Strines and the Derwent Reservoirs


Monty plans to attempt. <<looks at weather report... looks outside at clouds... looks outside at lightening sky... looks to getting to bed soon so he can get up in time to attempt...>>


At some time not to long after noon (leaving no more than seven hours to get some sleep!), drive up to somewhere around the countryside junction between Penistone Road (from High Bradfield) and Mortimer Road (Midhopestones to The Strines). Appromimately six kilometres of walking over the moorlands along a properly marked path (gaining approximately 130m in altitude), an identifiable stream system may possibly (terrain and weather allowing) be followed off the path for approximately 400m (10m more altitude, discounting undulations) to a point equally identifiable by sight. Sounds good, hope it works out as well. :)


12:20: Woke just before noon (it having been a very late night, last night) to the sound of light rain on the windows. Stopped since, and hopefully it doesn't flare up again too much. Incidentally, last night's dreams were dominated (in no small part to having played a certain computer game and listend to a certain radio dramatisation, during yesterday) by an expedition to mine out a particular block of Adamantine, while trying to avoid being misled to the wrong block by the machinations or misunderstandings of a ScreeWee Gunnery Officer. That's dreams for you. Nature's disk defrag, sorting and re-arranging yesterday's various saved memories in front of your (un)conscious field of vision.

18:20: Returned home. Success, but camera's batteries need recharging (failed just after final location photo) before anything uploadable. Report and photos (hopefully) before the evening is out.


Won't be available.