2011-05-07 30 -97

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Sat 7 May 2011 in 30,-97:
30.4425543, -97.6903141

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[edit] Location

Wells Branch neighborhood, north Austin. On the grass next to the parking lot of a telemarketing building.

[edit] Participants

William Jackson showed up at 13:00, marked the spot, took a few pictures, and left at 13:05.

[edit] Plans

William Jackson plans to be there, but not sure when.

[edit] Expedition

William Jackson knew this was going to be easy. And uneventful. And it was. The weather was a balmy 86F, the sun was shining. He did not get lost on the way there, did not run in to any resistance (neither physical nor authoritarian), and did not meet anyone. He was a lone geohasher on his first expedition.

[edit] Photos

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