2011-04-21 53 -1

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Thu 21 Apr 2011 in 53,-1:
53.5303058, -1.6045881

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In a field off High Lee Lane (A629), Hoylandswaine, Barnsley.


Monty passed by in the morning.


Plan? Plan? We don't need no steenkeeeng plan!


Avoiding the morning rush hour, a quick trip up the A629 (following, by that point, roughly the same route as eventually lead onto his very first meetup) Monty parked up at the field entrances. With the relevent field under crop (and with a mound of manure in the entranceway) there was no further advance up into the field itself, but a short walk was taken up a second farm track (not marked as private, or gated) in order to take a side-long look at the spot itself.

There are two farm-complexes a short way north and south of the field, on the other side of the road, one of which where the appropriate landowner might reside, but in the absence of GPS equipment there seemed no real point in pressing the issue of access, and leaving it as (as was predicted) an inaccessible hashpoint. For now at least.






TBA. Concomitant with it being a failure, of course.