2011-03-28 -43 172

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Mon 28 Mar 2011 in -43,172:
-43.6025571, 172.3527668

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Christchurch, New Zealand, 5 km up the road from where I'm working for the week



All I have is a lat long from JimmyNZ, a GPS phone that does the net painfully and a pair of running shoes. Adventure ensues.

Update: JimmyNZ has provided details;

170m down Dunns Crossing Rd. If you head down it you'll get to a side road called Newmans Rd on your left. Just before this side road on the opposite side of Dunns Crossing rd will be a telephone/power pole. Between that pole and the one further up (closer to main south rd end (CTMSRE)) is the hash. To be more exact photos show a stop sign? Behind the stop sign (CTMSRE) by 2-3 feet and walk towards the fence line until you are 2-3 feet infront of it. THats the hash point according to google maps street view.


JimmyNZ on behalf of Greenslime: Apparently it went well, hard to miss being on the side of a road. Evidence secured, maybe some achievements to come..

Stop sign is on an angle due to poor workmanship, not because of the earthquake.