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Gh3-2011 032.JPG

Tue 22 Mar 2011 in 66,25:
66.4149352, 25.4016354

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20 km to the SW from the city Rovaniemi, exactly on the railway!



Planning to visit the hash maybe at 6 p.m. 20 km of driving, then maybe 600 m walking along the Rovaniemi-Kemi railway. It seems to be very unusual place for hash: exactly on the rails. The possibility for the Hash to fall on the rails in my graticule is about 1:5000. So, This Hash has to be visited, this is maybe my only chanche to get "Railhash Achievement"!


  • By car total 40 km
  • Walking total 1.5 km
  • Expedition took 1.5 h
  • Physical effort (1-5): 2



isopekka earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (66, 25) geohash on 2011-03-22.
isopekka earned the Snowman Geohash Achievement
by building a snowman at the (66, 25) geohash on 2011-03-22.
Gh3-2011 029.JPG
GHTR rail.png
isopekka earned the Railhash Achievement
by visiting the hash situating on the railway. (66, 25) geohash on 2011-03-22.
Gh3-2011 028.JPG

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Rovaniemi, Finland isopekka 20 km to the SW from the city Rovaniemi, exactly on the railway!

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