2011-02-11 53 10

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Fri 11 Feb 2011 in 53,10:
53.4918979, 10.1778543

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Near the train station Nettelnburg on a street. Right next to a zebra crossing.




I plan on reaching this hash after work on my way home.



It was very hard for me not to reach this hash, as it is located on my way home, just one station early from where I have to get off. So I decided to take this little detour to reach my second overall hash.
The area todays hash is located in isn't exactly the best adress in Hamburg, so there wasn't much to see except for appartement buildings... and appartement buildings... and even more appartement buildings.
I rode the train from "Berliner Tor" towards "Bergedorf" and got off at "Nettelnburg". When I got off the train it started to rain a bit, so I quickly walked up to the hash and tried to locate the exact spot on the street. Luckily the street isn't that well used, so I actually could walk for a bit on the street. I started from the zebra crossing and headed south, so I'm pretty sure I walked over the exact spot. I took some pictures of my GPS while walking, but it didn't turn out too well (I'll upload it anyway ;) ), so I also will provide a tracklog, which hopefully shows that I was in fact walking on the street.
Anyway, I posted my marker on a nearby lamppost and took a picture of that. Apparently no hasher has been here before and I didn't want to wait if anybody else shows up because of the rain. I doubt that the marker lasted for long as the rain started to fall very heavily a short while after I left the hash.

Also, this is a Déjà vu geohash as I was here a few weeks before, looking for a new appartement and I was riding the bus 234 on my way back to Bergedorf, it's route is right through this street. But well, I don't have any proof that I have been here before... :(

Forgot to add: My girlfriend was sick today, so I had to visit this hash alone again. :(



http://waka.bplaced.net/geohash/2011-02-11_53_10.gpx or on everytrail - The tracklog shows me riding along the train tracks, even though it shows me RIGHT NEXT TO the tracks once I got back from the hash. Don't know what happened there... anyway, the tracklog should also proof that I earned the Public transport geohash achievement today, even though I didn't take a picture of the train that brought me to Nettelnburg.



Bierhefe earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (53, 10) geohash on 2011-02-11 via S21.