2010-10-21 48 11

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Thu 21 Oct 2010 in 48,11:
48.1469881, 11.9205254

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The geohash was in Ebersberger Forst, close to St2080, near Schwaberwegen.




The plan was exactly how it turned out (see below), except that I did have a small hope I would be able to find the coords without a GPS.


I failed because the spot was somewhat close to the road, somewhat close to an intersection with a dirt road that I used as an landmark, but all in all, I could only be sure to be within a range < 250 m to the coords -- too inaccurate for calling it a success. Time to finally get a GPS receiver.

The entire day, however, was very cool: It started out with a tour of a semiconductor fab, included a nice bus ride around München's airport and through the Finsing bog, featured fall colors and an almost full moon, and ended with a nice folk/punk show.