2010-10-04 50 19

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Mon 4 Oct 2010 in 50,19:
50.0302292, 19.8606864

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In Kraków, just near the road.


Felinator was there.
Avix showed his noobness and did not appear.


Well, from few weeks I was prompting my friend, Avix to go geohashing with me. Finally he agreed, because the point was only about 3 km from his house (he's actually a a couch potato). We agreed on 8 AM because he had some classes after school and would not have time then.


I woke up and rode there on my faithful bike. I was there almost exactly at 8.00, drove about 3 m from the point and waited. Avix did not appear so after 10 minutes I drove back home and I was late for school only few minutes!


No photos, sorry.