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2010-10-04 40 -111

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Mon 4 Oct 2010 in 40,-111:
40.7033384, -111.8540478

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[edit] Location

Brickyard plaza off 33 S Millcreek

[edit] Participants

  • Mabeuf
  • A friend (alias John Doe)

[edit] Plans

As the hash was only 30 minutes away by bus, we both decided to stop by the hash and maybe go shopping.

[edit] Expedition

We both left campus as soon as John's class had finished. We caught a bus to the tram station, took the tram about a mile, than took another bus 13 blocks. We walked the remaining half-block to the hash. It was very eventful, especially considering that this used to be John's old neighborhood. It was very exciting--for him at any rate. I received my daily dose of adventure vicariously.

The hash was directly across the street from the plaza. My GPS put the point just inside or just outside the wall of an abandoned building. Considering that we had no right to enter the building (for neither of us wished to be incarcerated, incapacitated, or in any way ineligible for the incoming invisible incentive), we got within five feet or so of the point, and my exceptional satellite positioning GPS had us circling the point while we were standing still.

However, figuring that we fulfilled the 20 foot rule (John knew it instinctively, as he knew nothing about the rule), we called it a success and went across the street to Ross to look at clothes (I was feeling Bohemian), then to visit a friend of John's at a nearby bookstore. We stopped for crepes at a nearby cafe--as I inadvertently met old friends of a second-hand nature--than went our different ways.

[edit] Achievements

  • Land Geohash
Mabuef earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging John Doe to the (40, -111) geohash on 2010-10-04.