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2010-10-02 60 23 Melkkomäki view3 IMG 2115.JPG

Sat 2 Oct 2010 in Salo:
60.3421267, 23.2375500

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A hill called Melkkomäki in Muurla, Salo, Finland. Topo map.



I'll try to go there if there's enough time after other activities. Distance is about 16 km from home, as the crow flies. A small but probably good enough road leads near the hashpoint. Some 150-200 m walking. Expecting a nice view at least in some point on the hill.


Roads were familiar to me except the last kilometer or so. There is a biggish sandpit by a road that connects Salo and Inkoo. Gravel road called Keskipisteentie (Midpoint road) started there. I guess the geographical center of Salo town is somewhere nearby.

Phone's navigator knew that the name of the next small forest road is Siilitie (Hedgehog road). Only house along the road is near the northern end. I approached from south. Roads were good for driving as they usually are in this type of forest. There is very little undergrowth on sandy soil. I'm not sure what's the correct term in English, but let's call it pine heath.

GPS showed 120 m distance to the destination from the place where I parked. I followed a path where someone had ridden a motocross bike. And there was my grand destination. Not much to tell about it, just see the pictures. Time was 5:00 PM.

There wasn't a good view exactly on the hashpoint. I followed the path to NW, and found some better sceneries. Collected one beer bottle (empty).


Lighting conditions were a bit challenging for my camera and skills.


None. My first expedition without ribbons. (Not true - you get land geohash! - Jim)

Well, if you insist. I thought the ribbon can be earned only once. - Jusu

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