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Sun 26 Sep 2010 in 60,10:
60.2387915, 10.4192035

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A strip of wood near a field, in Jevnaker. Or maybe in a ditch/creek.



Visit this almost deja-vu, and drop by at Hadeland Glassverket, to either actually visit the museum, or at least buy some postcards to send them postcrossing.


  • Cycled to and fro the hash, got as close as 10m.
  • Did not feel the urge to cross the ditch on a rotting plank of wood, and decided to call it a not reached instead.
  • Visited the glass manufactury museum and show.
  • Did not find any postcards from the museum, just boring Norway tourist cards.


...coming soon...


The ditch that was not crossed. 
The hash was on the other side. 
The hashfield from afar. 
Glassware in the museum. 
Historic fuel station sign. 
The production process - this is the starter. See when you are able to guess the result. 
Collecting more glass. 
Adding glass of a second colour. 
Even more glass, now shaping it with special paper 
Adding plate gold. 
More glass, shaped in special wooden bowls 
And more... 
Transferring to a larger stick 
Some final shaping? 
And with the flick of a hand, it becomes this. 
A plate. 
Tools of the trade. 
Another plate. 
A glass ...erm.. plunger? 
The sand train. 
Road safety on the way back. If you can't read it, it says "Careful! Holes in the road!"