2010-09-26 43 -79

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Sun 26 Sep 2010 in 43,-79:
43.2387915, -79.4192035

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Somewhere on the bottom of Lake Ontario. So I'm not going to go there... I'm going to go to a decihash instead.





So the plan is this... I have to go out to 43,-78 tomorrow anyhow, so afterwards I'm going to stop in a couple decicules that are on the way, and maybe one that is not. I should be working until mid afternoon, so the decission to take on the third will depend on how hungry I get.



So, I ended up having to pick up my brother and transport him and his girlfriend back to Toronto, and neither of them were interested in a stopover in multiple random stops. So, stops 1 and 2 in Ajax and Pickering where out.

After dropping them off, I did go to the back-up spot, as I had had supper by this point. The point was located in a neighbourhood called Norseman Heights, in Fairfield Park. By the time I got there, it was fairly dark, but I could still make out the playground. I resisted the urge to climb the geodesic dome looking thing.

43.6, -79.5 is hereby named Etobicoke, after the borough it mostly occupies.