2010-09-14 45 -73

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Tue 14 Sep 2010 in 45,-73:
45.4713963, -73.9238315

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On the shore near Rapides de Cap-Ste-Jacques. Fortunately near a footpath, so quite easily reachable.




stelei planned to reach the geohash in the short time between the end of school (and work) and sundown. This added much excitement to an otherwise boring day. The geohash was to be reached after a relatively painless drive through the city, and a short walk on the path. Clouds and intermittent rain may have caused problems, especially if the footpath turned out to be muddy.


stelei and her partner reached the geohash! The area was deserted. The car was parked on rue Cap-St-Jacques, close to where the path started, and we set out on foot. The path was in good condition and not muddy at all. We reached the geohash without having to delve into the bushes between the path and the shore, then played on the rocks near the rapids for about an hour. If only we had brought a kite...


stelei's pictures:[edit]