2010-09-09 49 -122

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Thu 9 Sep 2010 in 49,-122:
49.0347876, -122.6279388

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On the side of the road south of Langley.



A couple of my coworkers from my job in Germany were visiting Vancouver and wanted to go camping, so why not stop by?


We were driving to Chilliwack for our camping trip so I took a small detour to the Geohash. I forgot whether or not I'd ever explained Geohashing to them, and doubted if they were really interested so I just pulled over on the side of the road, took a couple of pictures and kept going. One of them was asleep in the back and didn't even wake up.

Then What Happened?[edit]

A few days later, the day before they flew back to Germany, all of us were going through our pictures and copying them back and forth between our computers so we wouldn't be missing any of them. Somewhere in this shuffle I accidentally deleted one single picture. Which picture? The picture of the GPS, which contained the only actual proof of the location.

To be honest I could care less about the proof, I know I was there (and you can even see the fence, driveway and trees in street view), but if I claim this as a success, then I won't have a GPS picture to add to my GPS gallery, and I refuse to let that happen!

Is there some sort of messed up ribbon for this?