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2010-08-25 52 1

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Wed 25 Aug 2010 in Norwich:
52.7488602, 1.6183410

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[edit] Location

In wetland by Horsey Mere

[edit] Participants


[edit] Retro Expedition

Sourcerer (Neil) gave me the heads up on this hash on the Wednesday as it was pretty interesting. Unfortunately I had to work so was unable to get it on the 25th, but I did make it (within a few metres) on the 30th.

I drove to Horsey Windpump and launched my kayak there. Then paddled across Horsey Mere which was pretty windy. It took a couple of attempts going down different dykes to find one that would get close to the hashpoint. Some bits I was fighting through trees and reeds to make forward progress. I got out on the bank and could see the hashpoint but didn't fancy wading into a bog to touch it.

The way back was easier, and I followed the bank around Horsey Mere to avoid the worst of the waves. Total distance paddled was 3.76 miles.

[edit] Achievements

Doesn't quite qualify as a Water Geohash, despite all the water involved!

[edit] Photos